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Where to Buy Gold and Silver?

Gold and silver are a great way to diversify and protect your investment portfolio but it can be difficult to sift through the different options when it comes to deciding where to buy gold and silver. Below we look at the many ways you can buy gold and silver bullion in the UK.

The United Kingdom is one of the best places to buy gold and silver. The country has a number of checks and balances in place that help to protect the quality of both the service and product that you receive. In theory this should mean that one gold and silver transaction at one dealer is the same as at another, but sadly this is not always the case. Buyers need to be aware that across dealers, shops and online marketplaces you will experience differences between the premiums charged, the service offered and the product availability.  

Buying gold and silver bullion

Bullion is a term for both bars and coins. Many investors choose to invest in both bars and coins in silver and gold, or a mix between gold bars and silver coins. This is because the two metals have different advantages in terms of how you choose to buy, hold and store them. You can read more about this on should I buy gold or silver? 

It is also worth remembering that there are different rules when it comes to VAT and Capital Gains Tax, on both gold and silver bullion purchases and sales. 

Where to buy gold coins and silver coins

Coins are one of the two ways investors choose to hold physical bullion, in the UK. Bars being the other. The United Kingdom has a long and proud history when it comes to gold and silver coins, as we have one of the oldest and globally renowned mints in the world. But, this does not mean that all sellers of gold and silver coins in the country offer the same quality of product and service. 

  • Online marketplaces - An extremely risky way to buy gold and silver coins is on an online marketplace. It is very difficult to check the authenticity of the products you buy and it is not uncommon to be confronted with high premiums and hidden costs. Buyer beware. 
  • The Royal Mint - A highly-respected and secure online marketplace that has roots all the way back to 886 AD. The mint only sells coins that it produces itself, so you are not able access investment coins such as the Australian Kangaroo or Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Furthermore, premiums on their products are high which can eat into your returns. Unlike GoldCore, the Royal Mint does not offer a buy-back scheme should investors wish to liquidate some or all of their holdings. 
  • Post Office  - The Post Offices only sell Royal Mint products and so the advantages and disadvantages are very similar. It is worth noting that premiums can be even higher given gold and silver coins sold by the Post Office are packaged beautifully as gifts. 
  • High street shops - They are few and far between but traditional bricks and mortar shops that sell gold and silver bullion do still exist. The advantage to buying face-to-face is that you are able to see and feel the coin or bar before you take it home, and take possession of them as soon as you have bought them. Customers should expect to pay higher premiums, by virtue of the fact that a physical shop’s running costs are higher which are passed onto the client. In contrast to GoldCore’s secure, state-of-the-art vaults, rarely do shops offer secure storage to the level one would require when storing client holdings. 
  • Gold bullion dealers - We recommend only sourcing your gold and silver coins from trusted bullion dealers, such as GoldCore. Always search online reviews before you choose a gold bullion dealer. Buy gold and silver coins with a dedicated provider, like GoldCore, who guarantees investment grade gold coins at competitive price points.

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Buy Gold Coins

We offer our clients an extensive range of gold coins from all over the world. We currently offer the following:

Buy Silver Coins

Many investors choose to buy silver bullion coins because they are more affordable and easy to buy. However, VAT is chargeable on some silver coins. 

GoldCore is proud to offer clients a range of popular and trusted silver coins, from a range of mints around the world.

Where to buy gold bars and silver bars?

Gold and silver bars are another way investors choose to own bullion. As with gold and silver coins, investors should exercise similar caution when looking at a number of different providers. Always look at customer reviews and compare across metrics such as premiums charged, any hidden costs, storage options offered, any buy-back options and the range of bars available. 

  • Online marketplaces - Caution must be exercised when being gold and silver bullion bars online. After comparing the premiums charged to say the likes of GoldCore, be sure to look into any hidden costs such as insurance and shipping. Unlike experienced and trusted dealers such as GoldCore, it is extremely difficult to verify that the product you buy is the product you are told it is. 
  • The Royal Mint - Like their coins, the only bullion bars sold by the Royal Mint and those that they have minted themselves. The premiums tend to be quite high and the Mint does not give investors the option to sell back their gold and silver bullion,This is in contrast to the services offered by GoldCore. 
  • The high-street -  The advantage to buying over-the-counter, in a shop is that you are able to see and feel the gold or silver bar yourself prior to purchase. However shops rarely offer the same variety of products as you are likely to find elsewhere, premiums will be higher and additional services such as those found in Gold bullion dealers or secure storage will not be available. 
  • Gold Bullion dealers - Trusted gold and silver bullion dealers such as GoldCore are the best place from which to source your gold and silver bars. We guarantee investment grade precious metals, offer low premiums, have a world-class trading platform, secure storage and even offer a buy-back scheme. What more could you look for when deciding to buy gold and silver bullion?

Gold and silver bars

Gold and silver bars come in all different weights and sizes. For investment grade bullion you need to look for gold that is of 999.995 purity. 

If you would like to buy gold bars, you can choose from the smaller sized bars such as 1oz gold bar or 10oz gold bar or go for the larger bars such as the 100oz gold bar, one-kilo gold bar

If you are considering buying silver bullion bars then be aware that these too come in different sizes. Like gold you can choose from the smaller 1 oz and 10 oz bars but they also go up to 1000-ounce silver bars.

Why buy gold and silver from GoldCore?

 GoldCore has operated in the gold and silver investment space for over 20 years. In that time we have served over 14,400 clients in 130 countries. Our world-class, sophisticated and secure trading platform handles thousands of transactions each month making it one of the best in the industry. Our clients have chosen to store over $130 million in assets with us, giving you reassurance that we’re the best place for your gold and silver investments. 

Both gold and silver bars and coins are available for purchase, at low premiums on our trusted platform. Either online or by speaking to one of our helpful experts you can buy gold and silver bullion and/or coins either at home or in a secure, insured and audited storage facility. 

How to buy gold and silver?

To buy gold and silver with GoldCore, we couldn’t have made it easier. You can set up a trading account and manage your investments from the comfort of your own home. Simply visit the “open account” page on our secure site and follow the on-screen instructions.

Need assistance?  Sometimes it's good to discuss things with our experts who are on hand to help you. Simply schedule your free strategy call with our team or call our office on: Ireland +(01) 653 3426, UK +44203 0869200, US +1 888 381 8130. We are ready to answer any questions you may have, or to help you in any way we can. We look forward to hearing from you.

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