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GoldCore Unallocated Gold

Weight: Spot Price: Buy Price:
1.00 oz £ 1,367.05 £ 1,408.07
Fabrication Fee per Item:
£ 0.00
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GoldCore Unallocated Gold

Weight: 1.00000
Fabrication Fee per Item: £ 0.00
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What is GoldCore Unallocated Gold Bullion?

We want to make gold ownership as easy and as safe as possible to own. Our unallocated gold product allows you to own real physical gold as part of a pool of gold with other investors while all being held in specialised, professional, high-security precious metals vaults. The gold is unallocated which means it is part of a general stock of physical gold and is not in one specific bar or coin. It is designed for low cost and ease of access to buy and sell.

Why launched GoldCore Unallocated Gold?

We believe the safest form of gold ownership is to own physically allocated coins and bars in a segregated non bank vault. Clients should own the asset outright without any encumbrance other than modest storage and insurance fees. GoldCore Secure Storage is the safest storage service in the world bar none. We offer clients segregation of assets as a default and have no obstacles to clients moving assets to another locations should they choose. 

As great as our storage service is it's subject to the availability of stocks from the metal market producers such as refiners and mints. Because stocks can dry up (for eample due to Covid related disruptions) we have launched the GoldCore Unallocated Gold and product. This service will allow you to buy real physical gold at the prevailing market price with low premiums and enjoy the market exposure of gold.

We appreciate that some investors do not hold much faith in governments and believe it would not be wise to store a "safe haven" asset in such away. In that case we suggest you look at buying physical bars and coins for storage at prevailing premiums.

If you are buying unallocated gold in order to eventually buy physical allocated gold then and you are not able to buy due to availability or because premiums are too high then this is a great option for you.

Once refineries start to produce stocks again at reasonable premiums you can sell your unallocated metal and buy an equivalent value of the stock you wish for secure storage or delivery.

In this way you will not have to wait for the stocks of metal products to start production in order to participate in the market price. Other clients may be happy to own gold and silver using this service

How to buy GoldCore Unallocated Gold

  1. Make sure you have opened your GoldCore account and documented yourself with us.
  2. Fund your account with whichever currency you are using.
  3. Call our office and discuss your strategy or buy online.

Live Prices

Order Value Price Premium
£ 1,000 - £ 99,549 £ 1,408.06 3.00%
£ 99,550 - £ 199,549 £ 1,401.23 2.50%
£ 199,550 - £ 299,549 £ 1,394.39 2.00%
£ 299,550 - £ 399,549 £ 1,387.56 1.50%
£ 399,550 - £ 499,549 £ 1,380.72 1.00%
£ 499,550 + £ 1,373.89 0.50%

Special Features Of GoldCore Unallocated Gold

  • Every ounce you will own is backed by a real physical ounce of metal. No derivatives, contracts, leases, just pure metal
  • All assets administered in the GoldCore Client Assets Account. No of assets appear on GoldCores balance sheet
  • Daily trading and soon to be offered as a real-time trading service online.
  • Buy from as little as 0.50% over Spot and sell for 1.50% below. 
  • Gold storage from as low 0.11%, Silver Storage as low as 0.35%

How safe is GoldCore Unallocated Gold?

  • Every ounce is backed by physical metal, no derivatives, leases or contracts, just pure metal
  • Metal is not held on GoldCore's balance sheet

GoldCore Unallocated Gold Premiums

When you buy you will pay the prevailing Spot Gold Ask price plus a premium per unit of gold bought.

10-100k - 3.00%
100-200k - 2.50%
200-300k - 2.00%
300-400k - 1.50%
400-500k - 1.00%
>500k - 0.50%

When you sell you will be charged 1.50% below spot. If you are converting to another product the sell cost will be reduced to 0.50% and standard premiums on the product you are purchasing will apply

Gold Unallocated Gold Storage / Management Fees (Min $8 per month)

10-100k - 0.65%
>100k - 0.11%