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500 oz US Silver Eagle Monster Box

Weight: 500.00 oz
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Silver 1 oz Britannia Tube of 25

Weight: 25.00 oz
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Sovereign mints such as the Royal Mint in the UK, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the US Mint, among others, are responsible for producing silver bullion coins. Mints produce these particular coins using at least 99.99% pure silver.


Mints produce each coin with the face value printed on them, this shows their legal tender status. The law guarantees the weight and purity of bullion coins - making them an attractive option for first-time investors.


The value of a silver bullion coin is based on the weight and purity of the silver used to produce it. Their price is the sum of the spot price of silver and a premium.


The premium associated with bullion silver coins consists of the cost of production and distribution. This premium also includes a small commission for the silver dealer.


Why should you buy silver coins?


Silver bullion coins are an exceptional option for both experienced and new investors. 

Investing in silver coins offers potentially attractive returns as many precious metals analysts and commentators consider that the current price of silver to be significantly undervalued. 


The intricate designs of the coins not only make them beautiful to behold, the designs also act as an efficient anti-counterfeiting aspect. It makes each coin easily recognisable, and thus easier to sell on the global market.


The most popular format of silver coins amongst investors are 1 ounce coins. The most popular coins are the 1 Ounce American Silver Eagle, the 1 Ounce Austrian Philharmonic, the 1 Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf and the 1 Ounce Australian Kangaroo and the 1 Ounce Britannia.


These 1 ounce silver coins are generally sold in tubes of 10 or 25 coins or in boxes of 500, known as “Monster Boxes”. 


As the weight and purity of bullion silver coins are guaranteed, it is easy to sell them without an assay. Opting to invest in silver coins also gives you more options for selling in smaller quantities, when opportunities arise.


The importation of some silver coins may attract the application of VAT / TAX. Contact us for more information.


Where should you store your coins?


If you have smaller quantities of silver coins you can absolutely store them in a secure safe, in your house. However, for larger quantities, it is advisable to opt for an insured, high-security safe.