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Sell Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals in the UK

Unlock the Value of Your Investments: Sell to GoldCore Today!

We understand that there will be a point at which you wish to sell some or all of your gold and silver bullion.

If you have bought your bullion with GoldCore then we will buy it back from you. We also buy bullion that has been bought elsewhere, subject to checks outlined below.

Read on for more detailed information on how to sell gold and silver bars and coins.

Discover the Hassle-free Process and Competitive Prices for Selling Your Precious Metals

How Easy is it to Sell Gold or Silver in the United Kingdom?

We make it very straightforward for you to sell your gold or silver in the United Kingdom. If you have bought gold bars and coins, or silver bars and coins from us, then we operate a buy-back policy. Even if you didn't buy from us, then we may still be able to help you to sell gold and silver in the UK, read on for more.

How Much Can I Sell My Gold For?

GoldCore's buyback price is determined by the market at time of sale.

How to sell to GoldCore?

We understand that there may come a point at which you wish to liquidate some or all of your bullion investment. When this time comes it is important that you are able to do it in a manner that you feel you are getting a fair price and your transaction is secure. When you sell your bullion with GoldCore you are assisted every step of the way to ensure you sell your gold or silver in the most efficient and safe way possible.

Our sales team is just at the end of the phone should you have any questions. We have worked hard since 2003 to make sure customers find it straightforward when they come to sell gold or silver.

If you are selling gold or have chosen to sell silver that has been bought with GoldCore and remains in our secure storage, then you are able to take advantage of our Buy Back Scheme. This guarantees that we will buy back your bullion should you wish to sell it.

The price at which we buy you gold and silver, is determined by the market. Please contact our sales team for more information.

How to sell your gold

We purchase all the popular brands of bars and coins from around the world that originate from sovereign mints and private refineries recognised by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). If the bullion is already held by GoldCore then it is very straightforward to sell using the online platform or by speaking to GoldCore's sales team.

Bullion held outside of GoldCore Secure Storage and the chain of integrity must be tested and authenticated before purchase. This applies to bullion both bought with GoldCore and bought elsewhere. Once authenticated, bullion will be accepted into GoldCore's secure storage and will appear in the client's account. At that stage the client can choose to keep the bullion in Secure Storage or to sell.

A trusted bullion dealer will make sure that their buyback price is determined by the market at time of sale.

Can I sell gold coins?

We accept and make markets in bullion coins from government mints such as the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, the Austrian Mint and the Royal Mint.

Can I sell gold bars?

As well as gold bullion coins we also accept and trade gold bars from private refineries such as PAMP, Metalor, Johnson Mathey, among many others.

As the official distributor of the Perth Mint certificates in the UK and EU, we also facilitate the sale of both allocated and unallocated Perth Mint gold and silver certificates.

Can I sell silver coins?

Yes, you can sell silver coins to us. As with gold coins, you can sell bullion coins from government mints, for example the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, the Austrian Mint and the Royal Mint.

Can I sell silver bars?

Yes you can sell silver bars to us. PAMP, Metalor and Johnson Mathey are just some of the examples of refineries we accept bars from.

Why Should You Sell Your Gold or Silver to GoldCore?

As one of the UK's most respected gold brokers, GoldCore provides gold and silver investors a fast and convenient way to sell gold and to sell silver.

We buy all popular gold and silver coins and bars at competitive prices close to the gold and silver spot prices.

Here are the reasons why GoldCore should be your first choice when you need to sell gold and silver bullion:

  • GoldCore is an established (since 2003) and trusted broker with over 16,000 clients in over 75 countries
  • We pay highly competitive prices that are close to the spot price
  • Enjoy excellent customer care and expert advice throughout the sale process
  • Receive timely and fast payment via bank transfer

Please note that GoldCore is a gold bullion broker or dealer and does not buy or sell scrap gold, jewellery or numismatic gold. We only deal in investment grade pure gold coins and bars.

About GoldCore

GoldCore is one of the world's most respected and client-focused precious metal specialist providers. Established in 2003, we are experts in the purchase, sale and storage of physical gold and silver coins and silver bars. We have been offering gold bullion to pension holders since 2008.

Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Our Vision

To be the first and finest provider of precious metal investment services.

Our Mission

To make investing in precious metals accessible and safe and efficient.

Our Philosophy

An investment in precious metals is an investment in financial insurance.

Established 2003

Over 14,500 clients

$1bn in Precious Metal Sales

Fully Allocated and Segregated Storage

One of the Largest Storage Networks in the Industry

4.8/5 Star Rating on Ekomi

Royal Mint Approved Distributor

Clients in 130+ countries

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sell my gold to a scrap gold dealer?

If you own investment-grade bullion coins and bars, do not sell it to a gold scrap dealer or local jewellery store. To get a competitive price that is closest to the gold spot price, select a bullion dealer like GoldCore who makes markets every day and can guarantee liquidity for fast payment.

How do I sell my gold?

For more information on how to sell your gold and silver bullion conveniently, call us to speak to a GoldCore representative.

Can I sell some of my gold or do I have to sell it all?

You are not required to liquidate all of your holdings in one go. Depending on the bullion product you hold, you may be subject to minimums. For information specific to your holdings, please speak to the team.

How quickly can I sell my gold?

The speed of your sale depends on the type, location and amount of gold you are selling. For example - is it an LBMA-approved bar that has remained in the GoldCore Secure system? Or is it from a non-LBMA approved refinery and has been kept at home. These two instances would take different amounts of time to one another.

Can I sell my gold to buy silver?

You can sell your gold to buy silver but these would be seen as two separate transactions. You cannot do a direct exchange of gold for silver. The gold must be sold, with those cash proceeds you would then buy silver bars or silver coins.

What types of precious metals can I sell?

At GoldCore we will buy:

Gold and silver bars: PAMP, Metalor and Johnson Mathey are just some of the examples of refineries we accept bars from.

Gold and silver coins: We accept and make markets in bullion coins from government mints such as the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, the Austrian Mint and the Royal Mint.

Are there any benefits to selling my gold or silver coins and bars to GoldCore?

At GoldCore we have direct access to the wholesale market, so we are always able to offer highly competitive prices.

Will I receive a quote before selling my precious metals?

Yes, we will provide you with a quote before selling your metals.

How do I get a competitive rate for selling my gold or silver?

Unlike other options for selling your gold, here at GoldCore we determine our buyback price by the market at time of sale.

How soon can I receive cash for my gold or silver?

Once you sell your gold or silver the funds will be returned to your GoldCore account, from this point you can request a withdrawal of funds back to your bank account. If you have provided all necessary documents then this will happen promptly.

Is there any obligation to sell my precious metals after getting a quote?

No, there is no obligation to sell your precious metals after receiving a quote.

How is the purity of my gold or silver coins or bars verified?

If you are selling bars or coins that have been kept within the bonded system then there will be no need for verification. If your bars or coins have been kept elsewhere, say, at home or in a vault outside of the bonded system then they will have to be brought or sent to one of our selected vaults in order to be verified. This is done via a series of internationally recognised and standardised checks carried out by professionals.