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Gold price chart for Week for 1 Ounce - USD

 See the chart below to view the Gold price chart for Week for 1 Ounce - USD. You can look at the Gold price chart for Week for USD per Ounce, or change the dropdown options to see the Gold price chart in EUR, GBP, and different weights. 


Market Research

Jared Dillian: Why Gold Is The Ultimate Diversifier

Yesterday the FOMC reminded us that whilst it may still cut rates this year, it’s in no hurry to do so right now. In the meantime, the gold price remains well supported as monetary policy diverges across the global marketplace – both the Bank of Canada and the ECB have begun to cut rates. At […]

Gold: Enhancing a Portfolio through Returns, Liquidity, and Diversification

In this video, we delve into the importance of including gold in your diversified investment portfolio. Using charts and data from the 2024 Strategic Case For Gold Report from the WGC, we help you to learn about the potential returns, liquidity, and diversification benefits that gold can bring to your investment portfolio. Whether you’re a […]


Five Steps to Protect Your Portfolio with Physical Gold

Jim Rogers and his Survival Plan for the coming Debt Collapse