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Gold price chart for Week for 1 Ounce - USD

 See the chart below to view the Gold price chart for Week for 1 Ounce - USD. You can look at the Gold price chart for Week for USD per Ounce, or change the dropdown options to see the Gold price chart in EUR, GBP, and different weights. 


Market Research

They’re Ready, Are You? Simon Hunt on How To Prepare For The Next Global Order

As ever this is a wide-ranging chat with the financial and global markets expert. His insights into (and contacts within) the geopolitical sphere are fascinating. The conclusions he draws are concerning, but his advice (for gold investors) is reassuring.  Whether you’re looking to learn more about the intentions of the BRICs, who will win in the […]

Rick Rule Unveiling the Truth About Gold

This week we spoke to Rick Rule of Rule Investment Media. Rick shares his expert perspective on navigating economic uncertainty and investing in gold. Discover why he chooses to allocate part of his portfolio to gold, not for short-term gains, but as insurance against systemic shocks and market uncertainty. Hear him talk about the benefits […]


Five Steps to Protect Your Portfolio with Physical Gold

Jim Rogers and his Survival Plan for the coming Debt Collapse